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Crystals Collection is Closing

30 Apr 2022 17:00:00 | Author: Caryl


I’ve put a lot of time into making an important decision about the Charms Of Light® business.  It’s been a difficult thing to do, but I’ve always made a promise to myself to only keep doing what brings me joy, and that means there will be some changes.


Creating healing jewellery is a great love of mine and I am very passionate about it, so obviously I will continue this.  I will also continue teaching Reiki, doing guidance readings, and gemstone consultations.


What’s left?  You may ask!

Healing Crystals


Over quite some time now, I have been selling assorted crystal shapes in addition to my jewellery.  Unfortunately, although I love all the different crystals, I have to admit that the admin involved takes up a huge amount of my time.  Sourcing them, checking them, weighing them, wrapping and packaging them etc etc isn’t very creative or particularly enjoyable and I am simply too tired to continue.  When something takes you away from, or makes you too tired to enjoy the things you want to be doing, it has to give.


So, while I will keep the following:

  1. crystals that can be made into jewellery items;
  2. a small selection of tumble stones;
  3. a small selection of tumble stone keychains;
  4. tumble stone sets;

……. I will be selling off all my remaining stock of crystal gift items.


Here’s what’s going:

If you’ve had your eye on something, please purchase it now, as I will not be replacing any of these items once they’ve gone.


I am still willing to obtain crystals on a custom basis wherever possible - or if I come across something particularly special for myself I will get an extra one or two - but will no longer be offering them for sale on the website.


Thank you for understanding, and happy shopping the Healing Crystals Collection!



Caryl ♥


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