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Gemstone Consultation £ 15.00 In stock


Product code: Cons-Gem


If you need assistance in determining which gemstone (or gemstones) are most helpful to you and/or your situation, I am more than happy to help.  I receive daily emails requesting this advice and whilst I am more than happy to give it, my own guidance reminds me that it is important to receive also.  It is important (on an energy level) for me to receive for something I give, including my time.  Just as it is important for the person receiving to give something for what they receive.  A good balance of energy is the best way to achieve healing on all levels.

As with all my consultation services, I use my intuitive skills to focus in on the energy of the person and/or situation in question to decide on which gemstones will work best.

A gemstone consultation can be done via email, however you can also request a session by telephone/on-line or in-person.  A land-line telephone number, or preferably Skype, is required for all telephone/on-line sessions, which can be booked through my Online Booking Service.

The cost of your gemstone consultation is redeemable against the purchase price of any custom gemstone healing jewellery or gift item ordered (as a result of the consultation), if over £40.


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