This month, I am donating profits from
Charms Of Light to the fire services and
animal welfare organisations in Australia.

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Healing Gifts

Whether it is a hand carved gemstone, a beautiful healing art greeting card, or relaxing meditation music, every healing crystal and gift in the Healing Gifts Collection from Charms Of Light is energised with Reiki energy.

These healing gifts are all alive with wonderfully positive energies which will provide you with feelings of well-being.  They are beautiful items with healing as an added bonus!

All healing crystal products are created with natural crystals, therefore each one is a unique piece — one of a kind in colour, shape and design.  Owing to the natural differences in all stones, some items may differ slightly from the photos shown.

If you would like one of these healing crystals in a stone other than one shown, please contact me.  More often than not, I will have it available, it just may not be up on the website yet!


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