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12 Jan 2021 20:00:00 | Author: Caryl


I've always tried to be as environmentally friendly as I can.  I recycle just about everything.  Every time I make something new with silver wire I save the leftover bits - even the tiny little pieces - to use at a later date as a single chain link, or to eventually send away to a company that melts the silver down for reuse.

I hadn't really thought about where that melted down silver ended up, so I was actually blown away when a little while ago I discovered that I could purchase something called "Ecosilver" from one of my silver suppliers.  Ecosilver is an eco-friendly alternative to sterling silver.  It is produced from 100% recycled scrap silver that can be worked with in the same way as silver, with the same results.  The only difference is that it is more environmentally friendly.


I can hope that, and will maybe even put a little extra pressure on, other suppliers to make the right environmental decision to do something similar.  In the meantime I am really excited to be able to make a change like this to the Charms Of Light™ business and, wherever possible, from now on I will be using Ecosilver for creating my healing jewellery.


Another area I am trying to be more environmentally friendly is with my packaging.

Jewellery is presented in white recycled cardboard gift boxes, which are also reusable, and recyclable after use.  Crystal gift items are packaged in either white recycled (and recyclable) gift boxes, organza pouches, or velvet pouches, depending on the size of the item.  Pouches can be reused many times over.

White jewellery boxes     Jewellery pouches

I am currently using up the last of my bubble-wrap padded white envelopes and am switching to eco-friendly honeycomb paper padded brown envelopes instead.  Honeycomb paper is cut in a way to add cushioning and some spring.  It is then sandwiched between layers of tough kraft paper to create a well-padded barrier for protection of your jewellery and gift items in the post.  These brown paper envelopes are made completely from paper, making them not only easy to recycle but fully biodegradable as well.

Larger orders may be packaged in brown cardboard boxes instead of envelopes.  These boxes are reusable and recyclable, while the paper tape used on them is also recyclable.  

Brown postal boxes and envelopes

In circumstances, where your jewellery or crystal gift needs a little extra protection inside their gift box or pouch, or extra padding is required in the shipping box (to stop your items from being shaken around), I will use recycled materials that I have received from my supplier deliveries for extra padding.  You can be assured that I do not buy it for this purpose and will only reuse it this way to avoid throwing it into landfill.  Please also consider recycling it yourself.

Where I need to secure labels to boxes or envelopes, regular tape may have to be used, however this can be removed easily allowing you to recycle the envelopes or reuse the boxes yourself.


I am very proud of these small, yet positive, steps that contribute to helping the environment, and would be very happy to hear any suggestions on how Charms Of Light can be even more eco friendly in the future!


Caryl ♥



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