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What Does it Mean When Your Crystal Breaks or is Lost?

28 Jun 2018 16:00:00 | Author: Caryl


Broken Selenite

I had a customer contact me the other day saying that every time she buys a clear quartz, the crystal either always gets lost, shatters and chips away, and never lasts.  It had apparently happened to all her quartz that she had used in past years and she was anxious about using a new one, worried that it would suffer the same fate.


If a crystal gets lost, or broken / damaged every time you use it, it could mean that the energy of that crystal is not compatible with your own energy.  Energy is made up of particular vibrations and if they become too strong, it can cause damage.  When a crystal is worked with for a while, it is put into a higher frequency and if it isn’t cleared, cleansed and allowed to recharge, it becomes overwhelmed (just like we can).  They will still work, but it is a clear sign that they need a rest.


Another reason for a crystal being lost is that the crystal has done it’s job and is no longer needed, and that it is time to move on to a different one.  Sometimes a breakage will also mean that it is time to share that crystal with a loved one who may also need its energy.


The same goes for a piece of jewellery that contains gemstones or crystals.  Whether or not the crystal breaks, if your jewellery keeps going missing - falls off - or even breaks - it can also be a sign that that particular crystal just isn't compatible with your own energy, or it may have done its job.


Always make sure you remember to cleanse your crystals.  In the same way that we need to look after ourselves by cleansing and recharging, our crystals are just the same.


Caryl ♥




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