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What is Colour Healing?

Everyone is affected by colours, often more than they realise.  Colour is intimately tied to all aspects of our life, especially to its visual aspects.  It permeates our language, our culture and our health.  We use colours to describe our physical well-being, our emotions, our attitudes, and our spiritual experiences - this is colour healing.

There are some colours we like more than others and there are some we do not like at all.  Instinctively we are drawn to the colours that we most need for healing at any particular time.  Colour can be used to alter our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual conditions, bringing about healing.

If you don't know the colours that suit you best, the following tables may help.  They show the links between colours and our chakras, as well as our monthly birthstones.  You can use these as a guide, but remember, they are just a guide.  Always go with the colours you feel most comfortable with, as they will generally be the ones you need at the time.


Chakra Colours

The spiritual qualities of colour are closely linked to the seven major chakras.

Base chakra - 1st chakra - red and black
Sacral chakra - 2nd chakra - orange
Solar Plexus chakra - 3rd chakra - yellow
Heart chakra - 4th chakra - green and pink
Throat chakra - 5th chakra - blue
Third Eye chakra - 6th chakra - indigo
Crown chakra - 7th chakra - violet and white


Birthstone Colours of the Month

Each month of our birth is also linked to a colour.

January - deep red
February - purple
March - pale blue
April - white
May - green
June - cream
July - red 
August - pale green
September - deep blue
October - pink
November - yellow
December - blue


Healing Properties of Colours

Colours have healing properties, just as much as the gemstones that have those particular colour attributes.

What is your favourite colour?  Do you use colour for healing?

Choose a colour below and find more information about the healing properties of that colour, along with healing jewellery and gifts containing that particular colour.


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