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Heart Chakra Jewellery - Gifts

What is the Heart Chakra?

Heart chakraThe fourth primary chakra is the heart chakra.  The heart chakra is located at the centre of the chest, at heart level.

Heart Chakra Colour

The colours associated with the heart chakra are green, representing healing and balance, or pink, signifying unconditional love and compassion.

Heart Chakra Healing

Governed by the thymus gland, the heart chakra looks after our heart, upper back, lower lungs, blood, circulatory system and the skin.

The heart chakra is about unconditional love, connection, acceptance, transformation and powerful healing.  It is the centre of compassion, love, group consciousness and spirituality associated with a “oneness” with “all that is”.  It balances and bridges between the lower three chakras and the upper three chakras.

Find your heart chakra healing jewellery and gifts, containing heart chakra gemstones below.

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