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Anniversary Gemstones

Anniversaries can be attached to any occasion, such as weddings, birthdays, and any other event that is related to a specific date and time.

Did you know that there are special gemstones also related to anniversaries?

Below, I have listed some Anniversary Gemstones.  This, of course, is just a guide.  If something else “feels” good, go with it!  Contact me for a custom design in your chosen gemstone.


1st Anniversary: Mother of Pearl Freshwater Pearl
2nd Anniversary: Garnet Rose Quartz
3rd Anniversary: Moonstone Crystal Quartz
4th Anniversary: Blue Topaz Amethyst
5th Anniversary: Sapphire Turquoise
6th Anniversary: Amethyst Garnet
7th Anniversary: Onyx Lapis Lazuli
8th Anniversary: Tourmaline Aventurine
9th Anniversary: Lapis Lazuli Tiger Eye
10th Anniversary: Crystal Quartz Black Onyx
11th Anniversary: Turquoise Hematite
12th Anniversary: Jade Agate
13th Anniversary: Citrine Malachite, Moonstone
14th Anniversary: Opal Moss Agate
15th Anniversary: Alexandrite Ruby, Crystal Quartz
16th Anniversary: Peridot Aquamarine
17th Anniversary: Carnelian Citrine, Amethyst
18th Anniversary: Tiger Eye Cat's Eye, Chrysoprase
19th Anniversary: Aquamarine Topaz
20th Anniversary: Emerald Yellow or Golden Diamond
21st Anniversary: Iolite  
22nd Anniversary: Zircon Spinel
23rd Anniversary: Yellow Topaz Imperial Topaz
24th Anniversary: Tanzanite  
25th Anniversary: Sterling Silver  
30th Anniversary: Pearl  
35th Anniversary: Coral Emerald
40th Anniversary: Ruby  
45th Anniversary: Sapphire Alexandrite
50th Anniversary: Gold  
55th Anniversary: Emerald Alexandrite
60th Anniversary: Diamond  
70th Anniversary: Sapphire  
80th Anniversary: Ruby  




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