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General Distant Healing

General Distant Healing £ 11.00 In stock


Product code: RH-Gen

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Whilst I no longer do full Reiki treatments, I do send out general healing to people, situations, and the planet on a regular basis.  There is no purchase price set for this, however if you would like to add your name or situation to my healing list, you are requested to offer an energy exchange by investing the amount you feel you are able - (the price listed above is a suggested amount only).


*Please note, this is general healing only.  You do not need to do any preparation for this healing and there is no set time for receiving it, although I usually try to do it on Friday afternoons (UK time zone).  Healing will be sent to the person who's name is on the order, unless a specific request for a different name has been provided.  If you want your healing to be sent to a situation, please name the situation in the "Additional Info" section on the checkout page.


With all advice and guidance, I use my intuitive skills, along with my own spiritual / angelic guidance, to focus in on the energy of the person, people and/or situation in question, to seek the guidance that is required.  There is no diagnosing involved.

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