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Tumble Stones

Each of the tumble stones in the Healing Gifts Collection have been attuned to Reiki energy to further enhance their natural healing properties.  Keep one in your pocket, place one under your pillow, or hold one whilst listening to your favourite Gemstone Meditation Music.

Gemstones are natural occurring rock forms so it is impossible to get any uniformity of size, shape or colour.  I have tried to grade them roughly into size ranges according to the following guide, however you may sometimes find a larger size gemstone in a smaller range if it is light in weight, or a smaller size gemstone in a larger range if it is heavier:

Approx. Size Guide:  L = 20-30mm; XL = over 30mm

The appearance of the odd small blemish or small flaw within them are all part of their natural beauty.  Each gemstone type has its own particular hardness.  Sometimes, the process of tumbling, polishing and cutting the gemstones doesn't always cover up these natural blemishes.  They are perfectly normal and not damaged in any way, and have retained their natural healing energy and beauty.

Please note that the photographs are for reference purposes only.  The gemstones you receive may not be exactly the ones shown, however they will be of the same quality.


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