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Gemstones for Healing

14 Jun 2019 11:00:00 | Author: Caryl | Full article...

Although well meaning, I believe that the many books written about the healing properties of gemstones, should come with guidelines.  People read these books and then believe that, because it is written, a particular gemstone is absolutely right for them.  Unfortunately, it is not quite that simple ....   It is true that certain gemstones are good for certain problems, however it is important to think about the whole person when healing and not just the illness, or


An Introduction to My Blog

12 Jun 2019 16:00:00 | Author: Caryl | Full article...

Welcome! Originally, this blog was started so that I could offer more information about healing, little snippets of my thoughts and the occasional website update!  However, as my own spiritual growth moves onwards and upwards, I started also sharing little episodes of my experiences along the beautiful path of Love and Light.  These experiences also include my "extra-curricular" healthy / healing activities "From Caryl's Kitchen". ~ ♥


Chia Seed Pudding

9 Jun 2019 13:00:00 | Author: Caryl | Full article...

As most people know, chia seeds are highly nutritious and known as a "superfood".  What is also great about them is the fact that they are so easy to add into our diets.  This chia seed pudding is not only healthy, but simple to make and delicious.  It is also very easy to change up the flavours!   Vanilla Chia Pudding   Ingredients 1 cup plant milk (I like oat milk, almond milk, coconut milk, or soy milk) 1 tsp pure vanilla


The Power Of The Mind

31 May 2019 10:00:00 | Author: Caryl | Full article...

Your thoughts are extremely powerful energy forms.  Be careful what you think......   When I was 12 years old, I convinced my mother that I had a terrible stomach ache just to get out of going to school.  That was the day of the compulsory cross-country fun run and I couldn't (and still don't) understand how the words "fun" and "run" could be put into the same sentence together!  Anyway, my mother allowed me to stay at home and


The Butterfly - A Lesson in Support

26 May 2019 17:00:00 | Author: Caryl | Full article...

You may have heard this story about a butterfly.  I shared it many years ago, but am sharing it again as a reminder of how important it is to support someone while allowing the struggle.   The Butterfly "A man found a cocoon of a butterfly.  One day a small opening appeared; he sat and watched the butterfly for several hours as it struggled to force its body through that little hole.  Then it seemed to stop making any progress.  It appeared as if


Body Care - Coconut Oil Toothpaste

25 May 2019 17:00:00 | Author: Caryl | Full article...

You may have heard of oil pulling, which is the process of swishing oil around in your mouth for up to 20 minutes at a time.  Well, you can also use coconut oil for making your own toothpaste.   It is also known for its bacteria killing properties. Since I've been using this toothpaste (and oil pulling), I have noticed a big difference in the health of my teeth and gums.  In fact, at my last dental and hygenist check-up, I was told that I had the cleanest mouth



22 May 2019 10:00:00 | Author: Caryl | Full article...

I feel very strongly about what I do.  When I get the occasional email or comment from someone being negative or derogatory it can be hurtful. Something I have learned though, is to take a deep breath and remember ....... ... People are scared of what they don't understand and can become negative because of that.   ... Hey, this person was obviously interested enough to read about me and what I do.  They were moved enough to say something about it.  They


Healthy & Natural Home Made Nut Butter

19 May 2019 21:00:00 | Author: Caryl | Full article...

If you look at the ingredients contained in most nut butters that you buy from the shop, you may be surprised to discover how much sugar is in there - not to mention other sweeteners, thickeners and a variety of different oils.  A healthier alternative - as well as much tastier - is to make your own. I use a high-powered blender to make this nut butter but you can also use a food processor.  Remember to stop and scrape the mixture down every few minutes.  A food


Cufflinks With Gemstones

14 May 2019 17:00:00 | Author: Caryl | Full article...

So ..... I found one of hubby's cufflinks lying around the other day.  This example is made with a kind of elasticated cord with a knot at each end. Looking at it gave me an idea ..... I know that you can get many different versions of cufflinks, including some set in silver and/or gold, along with precious and semi-precious gemstones, but I'd never really thought about making them myself. Well that changed quickly! Some wonderful pyrite nuggets and a bit of sterling


Caryl's Kitchen

12 May 2019 20:00:00 | Author: Caryl | Full article...

I am not a nutritionist or a dietician, but I do know a little about healthy eating and how food affects our bodies when we consume unnecessary chemicals, additives, sugars etc. Healing starts from the inside out.  It's all very well to meditate and/or wear gemstones for healing, but it is really important to eat foods that help our bodies function properly.  When we do this, we maintain a good healthy balance, for our minds, bodies and spirits.   I want to share


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