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21 Oct 2014 18:00:00 | Author: Caryl


I often receive enquiries from people with regards to their relationships.  The latest one was asking me to create a "lucky charm" that would make their ex-partner realise that they still love them.

I share this, not for laughs, but to explain that too many people rely on things instead of real feelings of honesty and love for each other and/or for themselves.

How many times have you bought yourself a present to make yourself feel better about something and then realised that the feeling hasn't changed at all? …..  Yes, I guess it's wonderful to have another stylish pair of shoes to wear, but do they even go with anything in your wardrobe?

How many times have you bought a gift for someone else, to show you care, instead of telling them how much you care - with words and actions? …..  Yes, they loved what you gave them, but do they really know why?

How many times have you received a gift from someone, with the intention of impressing you, instead of being told what you really mean to them? …..  Yes, the chocolate was delicious, but why did he/she give it to me and what do they really want?

"Things" are lovely to have around for a while, but should they be given or bought as a replacement for real honesty, love and affection?  ……  NO! …..  "Things" can be given but please, only in addition to real honesty, love and affection!

As to using things to make someone feel something for you - don't even get me started!

Love & blessings,
Caryl ♥




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