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Reiki Treatment and the Medical Profession

14 Jun 2010 15:00:00 | Author: Caryl


My wish today is that it won't be much longer before we can take someone to the doctor, or hospital, and not be looked at with rolled eyes when we mention that we used Reiki on an injury.

My daughter is the goalie in her soccer team. The team played in an all-day tournament yesterday in which, during one of the 1st round matches, my daughter was injured whilst saving a goal. Her wrist was bent back and twisted and I immediately gave her Arnica, a Homeopathic remedy which excels at reducing swelling, bruising and pain. I also immediately treated her with Reiki. The rest of the afternoon was spent dosing on a little more Arnica, alongside the Reiki treatment, which worked so well together that she decided to rejoin the team after sitting out for just one match. The team almost made it to the finals but lost the semi-final after a penalty shootout decided the end result. At this stage my daughter said her wrist hurt a little but she was certainly not in bad pain and there was still no swelling or bruising. I carried on some more Reiki treatment and we decided to wait and see how the wrist felt in the morning.

This morning, still no swelling or bruising whatsoever, but there was a little pain on touching the wrist. I knew that the healing we did yesterday went a long way to having helped with the lack of swelling etc, but not being an expert on bones, we went to the A&E to get an x-ray just to make sure that all bases were covered. When we saw the first nurse, it was as if she didn't believe there was anything wrong because she couldn't see swelling or bruising and we admitted that no pain killers were necessary. I mentioned the treatment we had given the wrist and instantly received the rolled eyes and a look that told me she thought we were wasting her time. However, we were sent to x-ray & discovered that her wrist is not sprained but is fractured. Appointment with Orthopedic Surgeon, plaster cast on and various lectures about taking pain killers have been completed. My daughter and I just sat and nodded about the pain relief thing, both of us knowing that she doesn't need it and both of us knowing that it was easier to nod and agree than trying to explain that Reiki, and Arnica, have greatly helped to reduce the pain so much so that nothing else is needed!

I just want to say that, if I am happy to work hand in hand with the medical profession by doing as much as I can do, whilst knowing what my limits are and how much I need help with, then surely I'm not asking too much for them to acknowledge that same understanding.

My wish is that the medical profession are taught about the benefits of Reiki, Homeopathy & all other so-called "alternative therapies". When they see no signs of swelling or bruising in an injury, they will then understand how well these "alternatives" work and that these therapies are helping them to do their jobs even better. When we can work together for our loved ones and patients, it can only bring about a happier, more loving and healing atmosphere for us all. ♥




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