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8 Oct 2019 09:00:00 | Author: Caryl


Reiki is a loving energy that is channelled through the practitioner.  It is not the practitioners' own energy that is being used.


Many years ago, when I started on my Reiki journey, I used to pour my heart and soul into a healing.  It always left me completely wiped out afterwards and I didn't understand why.  It took a little while to work out that I had been trying too hard and had been putting my own energy into the healing session therefore, completely depleting myself.

I have noticed over the years, and again lately, a number of articles, discussions, posts etc from Reiki practitioners who say they are feeling exhausted from doing too much healing.  There are so many Reiki modalities available to us nowadays that I can't help but wonder if some practitioners are trying to learn too many new methods without giving themselves the time for cleansing that each new modality can bring about.  Each new attunement can have the same affect as a healing, so you must allow some period of adjustment and rest while a cleansing takes place.

We already know that Reiki, in whatever form, is a wonderful form of energy that helps the body's ability to heal itself in mind, body and spirit.  However, it is important to get back to the basics and remember to practice what you tell your clients.  Give yourself time to rest, drink plenty of water, let your body cleanse itself of what needs releasing.

Get the balance right!

Remember ~ Reiki energy flows of it's own accord.  So let it do it's work and if anything, you should feel more energised after a healing session because of the Universal energy that has been flowing through you.


Caryl ♥



Learn Kundalini Reiki here.




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