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Negative Reaction To Crystals

4 Jun 2021 10:00:00 | Author: Caryl


I received the following email from a customer recently:…  


“Have you ever met anyone who has a negative, immediate physical reaction to seeing Amber? I find I cannot look at it, it hurts my head and makes me feel sick. I remember this happening even as a child. Curious to know if you’ve ever heard that, or know what it would mean?”

Amber is a powerful healer and cleanser, although it is actually a resin, not a stone.


Similar questions have been asked from time to time, so I’m now going to give you some answers.


Have you ever had a negative reaction to a crystal, similar to the question asked by my customer?


I have!  My experience was many years ago, in a crystal bead shop.  I had only just started to learn and understand about the different energies of gemstones and I picked up a string of gemstone beads (I actually can’t remember which ones now), when I immediately felt nauseous, got heart palpitations, and felt like I’d been stabbed and burned.  It was intense!


I know of a few people who have similar stories.

Firstly, crystals do not have negative energies themselves.  There are a number of reasons why we may have a negative reaction to them though.





When some crystals experience years and years of use, without ever being cleansed, they will become dull and less energetic - or even break.  Other crystals, after the same experience, can handle this build-up, retaining the dis-ease and negative energies within itself. 


When a more sensitive person comes into contact with this energy, it can hit them like a sledgehammer (like me in the crystal bead shop)!


Always cleanse your crystals before using them.  For crystals to be effective, their vibrations need to be clear and energised, ready to work in harmony with your body and your surroundings. 






Sometimes, an adverse reaction to crystals can actually be a positive one.  Crystals will often trigger a healing response when they unblock a memory or emotion that needs to come to the surface.


As your body adapts to the crystal energy, the healing response will be a gentle release of toxins, or negativity, that have built up over time.  It may come out as say - a general cold - and even though the runny nose or cough may be unpleasant, or make you feel uncomfortable, you will also have an underlying feeling of a shift within yourself, or a sense that something good is happening.


You can continue using a crystal that works for you in this way, for as long as you need.



In extreme cases, the body will react quite quickly and ferociously - like for my customer.


An intense healing response is sometimes experienced when met with a crystal that has the properties you need for past trauma that is years (or lifetimes) old.  When this happens, you can choose to continue using the crystal in smaller doses and less often, or if you don’t feel quite ready for it, put it aside until you do.


Strong or extreme reactions can also happen when you are faced with a crystal that simply doesn’t resonate with your own energy.  This is quite common and when it happens, you simply need to find a different crystal with similar properties.  In fact, even though I can work with Malachite, it isn’t a crystal I can comfortably wear for any length of time.






This is why it is important to use a crystal that you feel naturally drawn to.  When working with crystals, we are always drawn to the ones we intuitively need, and that can help us most, at any particular time.  When you follow that instinct, instead of choosing what looks the prettiest, or what your friend tells you to get (because it’s worked for them), or what the latest craze is (because everyone else is getting one), you will always choose the right crystal for you.  It will be one that works.  It will be the crystal that has your back.  It will be the crystal that will give you the healing and support you need.


If you require assistance in choosing the right crystal for you, a gemstone consultation can also help.


Caryl ♥




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