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My Kundalini Reiki Attunement Experience

10 Feb 2019 12:00:00 | Author: Caryl


I originally became a Reiki Master of the Usui natural system of healing, in 2004.  I have really loved working with this energy and have found that my own intuitive abilities opened up enormously from using it.

In 2010 I also became a Master of Kundalini Reiki.  Many people have asked what to expect when receiving their Kundalini Reiki Attunements, and although this can be quite different for everyone, I have decided to share my own experience of being attuned to this wonderful energy healing modality.  - Yes, I wrote it all down and kept it!

Kundalini Reiki


For the first attunement I started off by just sitting, closing my eyes and breathing slowly.  Quite quickly, I felt slight tingles in my hands and fingers.  Then I felt like I was going in and out of a dark tunnel because the light in front of my closed eyes kept changing from dark to light and back again for some time.  (This can often happen when I meditate.)  After this stopped, I felt slight shivers through my legs and then across my shoulders and some brief light-headedness.  Then, my hands and fingers were throbbing / pulsating very strongly. At the end, there was such a powerful energy in my hands that I felt like I would be able to move objects across the room.  I actually tried it on my pen (it didn’t move! :)), but I certainly felt an incredibly strong energy.  I could also see the energy around my fingers.  I brushed my fingers through my aura across the top of my legs and felt the strongest shiver right up through my shoulders.  I must add, I have always felt a strong energy through my hands and can often see it, but this was intensified.

The second attunement was taken two days later.  Again, I started off by just sitting, closing my eyes and breathing slowly.  After a while, I felt a lovely and comforting warmth…. like a small ball of fire… from my base chakra up through my solar plexus.  Although still awake and hearing my bamboo chimes outside the window, I felt like I was drifting in and out of a kind of sleep, then received a jolt as if I was being woken up (even though I was still hearing my bamboo chimes).  I “saw” the face of a man, with a bushy beard and moustache.  Felt slight tingling in my fingers.  Then felt a hand over my heart.  At the end, I felt very, very sleepy and like there was a hot water bottle inside me.

I received my third and final attunement eleven days after the second attunement.  Firstly, I felt as if Angels were surrounding me.  I could imagine that if someone had taken a photograph of me, there would have been many orbs around my shoulders and head. I was very relaxed.  Then there was a slight pressure in the centre of my forehead which became a tapping sensation.  I felt I was being given a message to open up my third eye and as soon as I acknowledged the thought, the tapping stopped.  After a while it felt like something heavy had been placed into my hands, like weighted balls, then they were gone.  There was a tingling sensation at my crown chakra, like it was opening up quite wide, but it was safe because I felt like I was completely enveloped by a protective bubble of light.  It was a very relaxing experience.


Please note, this was my own experience of the Kundalini Reiki attunements and it is different for everyone.  I was guided to share my experience with you as an example of what it can be like.

If you would like to learn Kundalini Reiki too, let me know.


Many blessings,
Caryl ♥



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