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8 Sep 2009 16:00:00 | Author: Caryl


What is manifestation?  The thesaurus says manifestation is:

  • a clear appearance; "a manifestation of great emotion"
  • a manifest indication of the existence or presence or nature of some person or thing; "a manifestation of disease"
  • an appearance in bodily form (as of a disembodied spirit)
  • expression without words; "tears are an expression of grief"; "the pulse is a reflection of the heart's condition"
  • a public display of group feelings (usually of a political nature); "there were violent demonstrations against the war"

If you use your energy thoughts well, you have the power to manifest whatever you wish.  Yes, it's all about energy and the power of the mind!  We attract into our lives, whatever we think about.  That IS manifestation!


When you use the power of the mind in this way, it is important to let the intention manifest itself.  If you think too much about how something will manifest, you are interfering with the intention and therefore limiting its process and possibly the end result.  Allow the energy to flow and let the Universe do its work.  All you need to do is to focus on what you envision and be open to signs and opportunities that come your way that will help manifest that intention into being.

Stay positive in your thoughts.  If you think about what you don't want, the energy has to start with just that - what you don't want.  For example:  when a child climbs up a high tree, you will often hear a parent call out, "Don't fall!"  To not fall, that child must think about actually falling, so that they can turn that thought around and not do it!  To focus the energy in a better way, it is much better to say, "Hold on tight!"  Think about it.....

Think in the now.  Become the person you want to be.  Believe you can make things happen.  Rely on your own energy to manifest your dreams.  Be a happy person.  When you are happy, your vibration is in a state of receiving which makes it much easier for the Universe to deliver.  A happy person is a positive one who has the type of energy to create anything they want.

What are you thinking right now?


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