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Industry or Me?

12 Jul 2013 19:00:00 | Author: Caryl


Thinking man in garden
The Thinking Man in my garden - where I like to do readings and attunements from!
{© 2013 Caryl Haxworth}


Someone mentioned the word "industry" to me the other day, in relation to what I do.  It took me aback a bit, because I had never thought of what I do as being an industry.  In fact, "industry", makes me think about hard marketing, advertising and sales.  It makes me think about the push for more customers, clients, students etc, and the competitiveness between other businesses that are doing the same thing.  Ugh - that is so NOT how I see myself!

I do what I do because I enjoy being me and it is an extension of who I am.  Yes, it may have turned into a business, but that is only because I believe in it and do it with love.  People pick up on that - your belief - and they feel the love.

So, why do I charge for what I do?

Well, just because I enjoy it doesn't mean that I shouldn't get paid for doing it.  Are you getting paid for what you do?  Should it make any difference as to whether we enjoy, or not, doing what we do when it comes to getting paid for it?

What value do you put on your skills or your time or your SELF?

Love & blessings,
Caryl ?




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