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I Am Who I Am, Not Where I Live

18 Mar 2013 15:00:00 | Author: Caryl


I was going through some old clothes, clearing out my wardrobe the other day.  It was lovely finding some favourites from when I lived in other countries.  It also got me thinking about how we so easily fall into the practice of wearing things that "fit in" with our whereabouts.  I used to joke about wearing a particular "uniform" whenever we moved, because of the different customs and/or weather conditions of the places we have lived, but now I realise that it is so important to be careful of not losing our identity by doing so.

There are so many of my beautiful clothes that have been neglected because I thought, "that's not the type of thing I should be wearing in a little English country village."  Well, why not?  I am who I am, not where I live!

So, while I'm not likely to wear my sari-inspired ball gown to pick up my daughter from band practice, there's nothing really stopping me from wearing it to the theatre if I choose to.

And, if you see someone walking to the post office, wearing loose flowing silks that you think would look more at home somewhere in Vietnam, or doing the food shopping wearing a pair of jeans teamed with the top part of a salwar kameez, it's probably me!  You may stare and think, "why is she wearing that here?", but I know, secretly you are wishing that you had the confidence to do it too!  :)

Go on, be you!

Love & blessings,
Caryl ♥


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