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Energy & Patience

29 Oct 2009 12:00:00 | Author: Caryl


Energy & Patience

I have been noticeably moving forward on my own spiritual path over the last few months.  Lately, I have felt another strong build up of energy.  I see waves of energy all around and others have told me about the many beautiful colours that they see.  I don't see colours and haven't seen actual formed shapes as yet, but again my own guides are telling me, "Patience", so maybe that is coming.  What I do have is a really deep direct sensing of someone or something which needs passing on to others.  The messages I receive from my guides and Angels are so much stronger now, but what I've noticed more recently is the stronger connection I can find with other people's guides and Angels.

Some weeks ago, I was in the middle of my tai chi class when suddenly, an energy form of a wood nymph stepped out from the wall and started jumping up and down in front of me.  This little nymph wouldn’t stop until I told my teacher that he was there for her, then he stood over at my teacher's side and gave me a huge grin.  Obviously my teacher hadn't been listening to her guides lately so this lovely little fellow used me to get her attention.

There are more and more of these types of instances happening to me and I do love the connection, however often there can be many messages from many guides trying to be relayed at once and it can get rather foggy.  I am learning to ask for the messages one at a time and now it seems I am not only practicing patience for my own growth, but teaching patience as well! smiley

I feel I am on the path I'm meant to be and am so grateful to have found it.  I love what I do and hope I can continue to grow and help others find their way on their own paths.  It has been an enjoyable ride so far and I'm sure it's only going to get bigger and better!

Love and many blessings,
Caryl ~♥~



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