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Doing a Reading for Someone

13 Jan 2015 11:00:00 | Author: Caryl



Readings by Caryl Haxworth

When doing readings for people, it can be very interesting when the cards that show up have nothing at all to do with the question that was asked.  This can happen more often than you think and the reason is that the client will have an underlying question that is actually more important, than the question they actually ask.  Sometimes they know this but are too embarrassed to ask the real question, but there are times that they don't. 

This is why I prefer to do face-to-face, or telephone (or Skype) readings, rather than email readings. 

Today, for example, I did a telephone reading for a client who had a specific question for me.  The cards that came up were clearly answering something else entirely and when I questioned my client, they confirmed the other question that was on their mind.  It was then obvious that the cards chosen were right for what they really wanted to know, and I was able to clearly answer and give guidance for that question.  After that I drew new cards for the original question and because we had energetically dealt with the first question, I was able to clearly answer and give guidance again. In this case, although both questions were quite different, and the guidance given was for two different circumstances, there was still an overall outcome that linked the two questions, if the guidance is acted upon.

An email reading can still be very helpful, but without clarification of the right question, the answer and guidance may not be understood as clearly by the client.  Yes, it is possible to send an email to the client asking if there was a different question, however the time delay in receiving a response doesn't allow for the best use of the energetic space you are using whilst giving a reading.

So, if you ever wish to have a reading (whether in person, or via email), it is very important to ask the REAL question (or questions) that you want to receive guidance about.  It is also very important to have a reading with someone who knows how to ask for the REAL question (or questions), if you aren't sure.

Always in love and light,
Caryl ♥



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