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Colour Healing: Green Jewellery

20 Mar 2019 13:00:00 | Author: Caryl


Over the last week or so, I have found myself creating new jewellery collections for the website.  I do this from time to time, around my custom orders, so nothing really strange about it, however I have just realised that the gemstones I've been working with have all been green!

The colour green represents healing and balance.  In colour healing, it soothes and balances our energies.  It helps to encourage our compassion, sensitivity and self-acceptance.  Green has a calming effect, especially in inflamed conditions of the body.  It is soothing to the nervous system.  Green awakens greater friendliness, hope, faith and peace.  It is restful and revitalising to overtaxed mental conditions.  Green is associated with gratitude and material expansion.  Spiritually, it encourages trust in the process of growth.

In terms of a couple of physical ailments, and a little bit of stress I had been feeling, I'm not at all surprised that I gravitated towards green gemstones.  Working with the colour green, has been so calming and healing to me.

Here's some of the green gemstone jewellery that I've been working on.

Healing Diopside Jewellery

Diopside Jewellery


Healing Peridot Jewellery

Peridot Jewellery


Healing Prehnite Jewellery

Prehnite Jewellery


Are you drawn towards the colour green too?  Here are some more green gemstones to look at.


Caryl ♥




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