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Balance - Yes & No

5 Nov 2019 11:00:00 | Author: Caryl


Balance ..... it is such an important aspect to life.  When we have things in balance, we have more energy and our lives become more joyful and loving.

Yes and No Balance

Two little words, "Yes" and "No" .....  Think of these as weights on a set of scales and see how you can adjust them to keep them evenly balanced.

"Yes":  By definition, this is one of the easiest words to express.  It is positive, helpful and agreeable.

"No":  This is a word that is difficult to say for most people.  It is negative, used to express refusal, disagreeable.

So, thinking about these words as weights on a scale, how many times can you say, "Yes", without those scales tipping out of balance?  Of course, there's many things we want to say "Yes" to, but are you someone who also says it simply to please someone else?  Sometimes, "No" is needed to keep that important balance.

Some of my clients tell me that they just can't say "No" to people.  Many of us have this problem.  It's only natural, with it's negative connotations, and no-one likes the idea of letting someone else down.  It's much easier to say, "Yes" and please someone instead .... and it makes us feel good.  But, how long are you going to continue feeling good, when you have said "Yes" to so many people that there is no time left for you?  Those scales are really tipping out of balance now, aren't they?

If you really do have problems with the "No" word, my suggestion is using the "Yes" word in another way.  To get those scales tipping in the other direction and back into perfect balance, from now on, every time you say "Yes" to someone, find a "Yes" for you.  In other words, replace the "No" that is difficult to say to someone, with a "Yes" for yourself.  You'll soon find those scales balanced again, whilst still feeling good about all the things you have done for people, yourself being one of them.


Love & blessings,
Caryl ♥


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