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You Get What You Wish For

13 Oct 2019 15:00:00 | Author: Caryl


We know about wishing for the things we want in life and we know that we should be careful about what we wish for.  Here is a story, from a few years ago, of one of the reasons why we should be careful ....

My daughter told me, from the start of the school term, when her PE class switched over to swimming once a week, that she didn't like swimming and that she wished that she didn't have to do it.  Each week she'd been looking for excuses not to do it and a couple of times there had been a reason for her not to.  One weekend however, she wished she could get out of swimming for the rest of the term.

At her soccer tournament one Sunday, she injured her wrist.  Whilst sitting off for one of the games, she stated out loud that she hoped this meant that she couldn't do swimming the next day at school.  Monday found us at A&E getting x-rays and discovering that her wrist was fractured.

Driving back from the hospital on Monday, with a temporary cast on my daughter's arm and an appointment to see the Orthopaedic Surgeon the next day, we had an interesting conversation.....  She mentioned that she was happy about not being able to swim that day and I reminded her about being careful what she wishes for.  She suddenly came to the realisation that her wish, made at the beginning of term, had been granted.  She then sheepishly told me that at her soccer tournament, before she was injured, she had been talking with a couple of the other girls about plaster casts and that she had said how cool it would be to wear a brightly coloured one that everyone could sign.

You Get What You Wish For

Driving back from the hospital the next day, after seeing the surgeon, and with a new brightly coloured cast on my daughters' arm, we had an interesting conversation.....  Yes, another reminder about being careful what you wish for!!


What are you wishing for right now? 


Caryl ♥




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