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Whose Energy Is It?

17 Jun 2019 14:00:00 | Author: Caryl


The energy has been rather erratic lately, and a few of my clients have talked about feeling low and not understanding why.  It made me think about something that happened to my daughter and me a while ago, which I shared at the time, but feel needs sharing again.


Whose Energy Is It


Here's the story ......  


My daughter and I ate lunch in a little cafe today.  After only a short while of sitting at our table, my daughter felt a pang in her heart and started feeling heavy and lacklustre, tired and sad.  At first we thought that it must have been the way she had swallowed her lunch but the heaviness persisted and then hit me.  I realised that what we were feeling wasn't our own, but instead, the energies of the people who had last sat at the same table.


This is something that can often happen to us when we least expect it.  Energy is catching, whether good or bad. If you are a sensitive, like my daughter and me, it is important to protect yourself from outside energies.  If you are out somewhere and suddenly feel different, instead of thinking, "Oh no, I must be coming down with something", or, "I'm depressed", or, "I'm angry,", ask yourself, "Is this feeling really mine?" and listen to what your body tells you.  It is more than likely the energy of someone else and not yours at all.


It is also important to think about your own energy and what you are leaving for someone else to pick up.  Today, before leaving the little cafe, I cleansed the area that we were sitting in and sent love to where the energy had come from.  My daughter and I felt instantly better and we were happy to have left a better energy for someone else to experience when they sat down at the same table.


Have you had an experience like this?


Love & blessings,
Caryl ♥






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