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What is an Affirmation?

1 Jul 2009 09:00:00 | Author: Caryl


I like to start my day with an affirmation.  What is an affirmation?  To me, an affirmation is a positive statement of the truth that I wish to be.  The thesaurus says an affirmation is a "declaration of the truth of something".  - Well, that's pretty close, isn't it!

Affirmations must focus on the present and be positive.  Negativity needs to be eliminated and you must believe that you can do it.  Just wishing something to be a certain way, or to happen, isn't enough.  You need to see that idea in the present for it to be that way, otherwise it will always remain in the future, as just "a wish".  For example: "One day I will be happy" - is wishing to be happy one day in the future.  It is likely to stay in the future if that is where your focus is.  "I am happy" - is focusing on the now.

Affirmations are extremely helpful in changing your attitude or outlook and for bringing forward a more successful life, both personally and professionally.

As I can be impatient at times, my patience affirmation for today is:  "All things happen at the perfect time".

Do you use affirmations?  What is your affirmation for today?




Caryl ♥




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