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14 Aug 2009 15:00:00 | Author: Caryl


We all have thoughts that come over us with such strong intention that they can often surprise us.  These are often just ideas of how we are feeling at the time, or sometimes they can be a few positive (or not so positive) words!  When these thoughts, or ideas, are written down or spoken, they become much more powerful than if they are kept to yourself.

For example, yesterday was as normal a day as any.  I did some work & a few other things, then felt a surge of positivity come over me.  I felt pleased with myself, confident & very positive.  It is not unusual for me to feel this way but it was so strong I needed to share, so wrote down the following few words on twitter & facebook, "I am feeling good.  Positive energy is around me.  I AM the energy! :)"

This statement was obviously so meaningful that it was retweeted a number of times and I received quite a few messages from people about how good it made them feel.  I hadn't intended to write a quote or put a particular message out there for others to follow, it was just my own feelings at the time.  What a powerful message it sent back to me though.

When you are feeling good or are enjoying the sunlight on your face - let others know, because it is certain to make them feel it too. We all have the power to raise the spirits of others, so let's keep sharing those positive thoughts and feelings.

Spread the sunshine! :)



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