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I'm OK

15 Apr 2010 18:00:00 | Author: Caryl


I've struggled through the last week with a very sore throat of the 3R variety ~ Red, Rough and Raw!  Always looking at positivity and affirmations to help get through, I have been pushing on regardless. "I'm ok", I tell myself.

I know this is probably another cleansing going on because of some extra self-healing work I've been doing, but I've had work to do, so I've closed my mouth (as much as possible) and kept working.  First though, I whisper to the kids to take a message if the phone rings.  Lately, a lot of my work has been writing, or I've been creating in my workroom, so it's ok to keep going without a voice... right?  Keeping a smile on my face has helped me get through ~ a little ~ but mostly that smile has let others think I'm better than I really am and therefore their own needs have still been put in front of me, without any regard for the fact that basically, "I'm NOT ok!"

As a Reiki teacher and practitioner, I tell my students and clients that the cleansing, often experienced after a healing, is a natural process that gets rid of toxins that are causing dis-ease.  I let them know they should let it flow and not fight it or pretend it's not happening.  Fighting only puts more awareness on what hurts, or makes us feel sad etc. and therefore makes the hurt worse, or the sadness even greater.  Gently acknowledging it and letting it flow is allowing the healing process to start.

So earlier this afternoon I got this feeling that I should stop fighting this throat thing and stop covering it up with affirmations of, "I am well" etc, and stop pretending its not happening.  Yes, I know, this is the advice I tell everyone else, but this time I was feeling the advice coming at me.  About an hour after having this feeling I found out that one of my lovely Reiki students had sent me some Reiki healing.  I just know it was this wonderful healing energy that was putting my mind in the right place to deal with my sore throat.  You see, Reiki energy goes to where it is needed and in this case, I needed the right thoughts put into my head, to allow me to do what is needed for healing to take place.

I now acknowledge that my throat is sore and I will go with the flow of pain if it needs to get worse before getting better.  I let myself relax in the knowledge that when I go with the natural flow of my body's needs, I'm OK!

A special thank you to Tina for the Reiki.



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