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Follow Your Instincts

21 Jan 2013 14:00:00 | Author: Caryl


How often do you simply follow your instincts and have things work out for you?

Last week I had to go and get my eyes examined.  I knew that my eyesight had been getting a little worse, so when the results showed that I needed to wear glasses for VERY long distances - e.g.: for driving etc - it didn't surprise me.  I also need to wear glasses for close-up too - e.g.: when I am jewellery making and for those times when I want to read labels!

Well, at the time of my eye exam, I was quite happy to go ahead and choose some long-distance frames and find a new look for myself.  So, with the help of my daughter and the "frame fitter", I found a style I am very pleased with.  For some reason though, that afternoon, even though I desperately dislike my old close-up frames, I consciously made the decision NOT to replace them just yet.

A few days later, I got the call to say my new specs were ready to collect.  What immediately popped into my mind was the idea of choosing new close-up frames when I collected the other ones.  I went in to the optometrist and had to wait for a few minutes, until a fitter was available.  I was randomly looking around at frames and one of the receptionists pointed out that the stand of frames I was looking at had just been put up with a 50% off sale.  I picked out a pair that I hadn't seen before, tried them on and just knew they were the new frames for my "working/reading" glasses.  They even fit me perfectly!

When the frame fitter was ready for me, I showed him the frames that I had just picked up from the sale rack.  He checked them and agreed that they were perfect for me!  So now I'm just waiting for the call to say they are ready to collect and I'll be all set with a new look for driving and a new look for "working" and a feeling of gratitude for how it all worked out.


Follow your instincts

I know that, once again, I've been guided by my angels.  That's what your instincts actually are - angel guidance!  When you follow it, everything flows as it should - easily, lovingly, beautifully.

Even with simple every day activities, always follow your instincts and watch how everything falls into place.


Love & blessings,

Caryl ♥



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