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Below are photos of some of the rings I have created in the past.  These are NOT for sale.  Some rings are made with adjustable bands and some are made to fit a particular size.  All gemstone rings are created as custom orders.  Please contact me with your special request.

I create all Healing Gemstone Rings with love and healing intentions.  Each ring is charged with Reiki energy to further enhance the natural healing energies of the gemstones used.  The combination of healing energies in the gemstones and the channeled energy of Reiki, enhance and compliment each other beautifully.

*Please note:  All Rings are created as custom orders.  A non-refundable deposit is required.  Once a custom order has been created to the customers' satisfaction, payment of the balance must be made within 5 working days or the item may be added to the website for sale to the public.

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