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Throat chakraThroat Chakra gemstones are mostly blue.

The fifth primary chakra is the throat chakra.

The throat chakra is located at the throat.  The colour associated with the throat chakra is blue, representing knowledge of, and oneness with, divine guidance.

Governed by the thyroid gland, the throat chakra looks after our neck, throat and jaw, vocal chords, respiratory system, alimentary canal and arms.

The throat chakra is our communication centre, thus giving us our ability to verbally express ourselves and to be able to have open, clear communication of feelings and thoughts.  Ability to release.  It is the gateway to the Higher Consciousness and the gateway through which the emotions contained in the heart pass, to become balanced and harmonised.

A selection of healing throat chakra jewellery and gifts, containing throat chakra gemstones, can be found below.

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