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This is a gallery of some past Charms Of Light creations that I have made and sold.  Feel free to take a look.  If you see something you like, please contact me with your request.  I will do my best to create something similar for you.


Lapis Lazuli Pendant with Silver Chain
Item # NLL004

Celtic Peridot Pendant
Item # PPer001

Labradorite Tree of Life Pendant
Item # PLab002

Prehnite Pendant Necklace
Item # NPre001

Labradorite Palm Stone
Item # PalmLab26

Sugilite Bracelet
Item # BrSug002

Men's Hematite Bracelet
Item # BrHe009

Topaz Pendant Necklace
Item # NTo001

Lapis Lazuli Egg

Tourmaline Quartz Bracelet
Item # BrTouQ800t

Aragonite & Lapis Lazuli Bracelet
Item # Br235

Carnelian Bracelet
Item # BrCa800t

Angelite Earrings
Item # EAng003

Chrysoprase Earrings
Item # EChrase001

Malachite Egg

Aventurine Pendant Necklace
Item # NAv004

Smokey Quartz & Pearl Necklace
Item # N072

Throat Chakra Pendant Necklace
Item # N142

Golden Obsidian Pendant
Item # POb003

Rose Quartz Egg

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