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What is my Animal Spirit Guide?

What is my Animal Spirit Guide? £ 15.00 In stock


Product code: ASG



There are many Animal Spirits that work with us from time to time and you may call on any of them for help in specific situations.

You also have an Animal Spirit Guide that you are specifically aligned with.  Have you ever wondered what yours is?


This Reading will tell you which animal spirit is guiding you at this time, along with a general message.


Animal Spirit Guide readings will be sent by email.


I try to send email readings within 72 hours (excluding weekends and public holidays), however they are scheduled in order of receipt of confirmed order and the timing will depend on my schedule.  Once you have received your email reading, please allow a little time to let it settle, read it again then email me within 7 days if you have a quick follow-up question to help clarify anything I have shared.  This service is included in the price.


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