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Coral Healing Properties

Sponge Coral Earrings


What is Coral?

Coral is the hard mineralised skeleton of marine animals, composed primarily of calcium carbonate.  Coral is a 35th Anniversary gemstone.

Coral Associations

Zodiac - Taurus, Pisces
Planet& - Mars
Numerical Vibration - Master Number 22
Typical colours - Black, pink, red, white, blue



Healing with Coral

♥ Absorbs negative energy ♥ Platonic love ♥ Friendship ♥ Community ♥ Creativity ♥ Passion ♥ Romantic love ♥ Wisdom ♥ Optimism ♥ Enthusiasm ♥ Balance ♥ Relaxation ♥ Protection ♥ Safe travel on water

Coral represents diplomacy and concurrence.  It quiets the emotions and brings peace to within the self.  Facilitates intuition, imagination and visualisation.  Coral expedites and accelerates the transfer of knowledge.

Coral strengthens the circulatory system and the bones of the body.  It stimulates tissue regeneration and nourishes the blood cells.  Treats disorders of the spinal canal, the alimentary canal, the nervous system, and the thalamus.

Colour Healing with Coral

In addition to the generic healing properties of Coral, specific colours have additional attributes:

Pink Coral Healing Properties

Chakras - Heart Chakra
Zodiac - Cancer
Numerical Vibration - Number 9

Pink Coral stimulates sensitivity, with respect to ones emotions and physical condition.  It activates the heart chakra, enhancing the intuitive aspects of love.  Pink Coral treats disorders of the heart, breasts, stomach, and reproductive organs.

Red & Pink Coral Bracelet
Red & Pink Coral Bracelet

Red Coral Healing Properties

Chakras - Base Chakra
Zodiac - Libra
Numerical Vibration - Number 4

Red Coral stimulates the energetic pursuit of pre-determined goals.  It protects from depression and despondency.  Treats hiccups, colic and heartburn.  Aids in the release of impurities from the muscular system.  Red Coral treats disorders of the kidneys, bladder and parathyroid.



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