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Testimonials for Healing Services

Intuitive Life Coaching & Reiki Healing

"My dearest Caryl,

This message will, in no way, express the gratitude that I have for you, but I hope that it goes someway there.
The gratitude, a huge thank-you, is for the time we recently spent together and the healing. I don't wish to go into details as it's not important, but everything that came to the surface that day had to be cleared. I felt like I hadn't felt in years - so vulnerable and afraid - but your support gave me the strength.
My Dear Caryl, thank you doesn't seem enough, because I know that you have truly freed me.
You will always remain in my heart.

With love and hugs,"
T.T. - Buckinghamshire, UK

Usui Reiki - Level 1

"Hi Caryl

I feel so good!! ? I am writing this now so I can describe it well. I finished around 10 minutes ago, The moment I started to receive, I felt the most awesome tingling sensation in my palms, they really tickled!. I saw a few things, very cool. I saw a red tunnel made out of tiny little orbs, alsmost microscopic looking. I called in the attunement and with my eyes closed sensed two guides one male and one female. I saw a male Angel with long brown hair which seems to have gone back to you after my attunement? He must be a guide of yours. I was aware of another 'being' to my right who was (looked) female and felt the energy above me. I intended for me to be open to the energy and felt a rush and still feel it. I then felt like I was laying in the sun on the grass, which was strange but also very cool. I felt like I was outside. Then The tingling settled down and my hands started to throb, my fingers were pulsating and I felt as if my energy was aligning..... it made me feel like my body was shifting side to side until it eventually straightened (spiritually speaking) (my spiritual body). And then it settled down and I just relaxed, very peaceful. Now I feel a bit hyperactive and giggly so may have to ground myself but it's good. I'm laughing and don't know what's funny (lol) better than crying though...and all natural! :)

I felt an urge to feel the space above me during it and could feel energy above me, was great. I don't know why but when I receive attunements from you I see animals!. Last time was a crocodile and this time I saw a Panda. Very cool indeed, thank you Caryl :)

The kundalini attunement was brilliant but this was something else!

♥ and light"

S.W. - East Sussex, UK

Angel Card Readings

"Hi Caryl, It was so lovely meeting you yesterday at last Thank you so much for our readings you were spot on with them both and certainly summed me up 100% I couldn't believe wot u were telling me You were totally spot on.
The readings are very helpful to us both .... and if anyone needs some angel readings I will put them in your direction for definitely.
Love and Angel Blessings"
K.C. - South Wales, UK


"I have been checking my e-mails daily for your reading & it hasnt disapointed..... I cant explain how intune to me your reading was, so much so I have cried writing this.
I have ordered guardian angels for both myself & my father & cant wait for them to arive.
Many thanks again."
T.C. - Stirling, UK

Animal Spirit Guide Reading

"Dear Caryl,
I feel that I should be the one thanking you! I am glad that I decided to get the reading and that I was able to find your website in the first place.
I did not suspect the dove as my animal spirit guide... yet it feels right, in a way I cannot explain. The guidance you delivered to me is both timely and well-suited. Just what I need(ed) to hear, delivered with love... Simply beautiful!
Thank you,"
F.H. - Missouri, USA

Distant Reiki Healing Treatments

"Thanks for the lovely treatment, I felt deeply relaxed and slept like a bear for a good 10 hours which hasn't happened in years-so thank you!!!!"
M.S. - Virginia, USA


"I just wanted to say thank you very much for all the reiki treatments, they have been wonderful and incredibly powerful. I feel like a completely different person and so much lighter. I feel physically well and much more balanced emotionally. Work has started coming in again and I know I am now ready to attune others and have a plan now.
I will definitely be in touch to book some more treatments in the future.

Best wishes and grateful thanks".
T.R. - Buckinghamshire, UK

Kundalini Reiki Attunement

"I found Charms Of Light whilst looking up healing properties of Opalite. I felt drawn to learn Kundalini Reiki with Caryl, so followed my guidance and was so pleased I did. Caryl is a fantastic teacher and always explains things thoroughly . I have heard of Reiki teachers who seem to rush their students but Caryl lets you learn at your own pace, which is great if you work and have kids. The Attunements are beautiful and Kundalini Reiki is great to start with if you are new to Reiki. Caryl makes sure that you understand how every stage works and was always happy to answer my questions (Even if they seemed a bit odd!).
I highly recommend learning with Caryl, and I will be back in the future to learn here Thank you for sharing this beautiful gift ,Caryl !!

S.W. - East Sussex, UK

Angel Attunements

"Hi Caryl!
I have taken the Self-love & Forgiveness attunement! It went very well and I had similar perceptions this time too! Felt very rested and healed indeed! I'm going to start calling in and offering the energy to others soon :)
Thank you do much dear for this wonderful gift of love from Quan Yin pusa!
I'll soon register for the next two angel attunements!

With love and light!..."

S.B. - New Jersey, USA


(Psychic Protection Flame Attunement)
Hi Caryl!
I did feel very intense energy at my crown, third eye and throat in that order, and then all the way down both my arms till the fingertips!! I also felt tingling at my fingertips, esp. the left fingers.
At times I felt the entire body being worked on as a whole and at certain points I felt 'out of the body' for a few seconds each time :)
Pleasure and blessing to be healed, attuned and cared for spiritually!
I've been dealing with some intense energies since late afternoon... Drinking lots of water, did grounding too.

God bless!"

S.B. - New Jersey, USA


(Self Love & Forgiveness Healing Attunement)
"Hi Carol
Felt hands switch on right
away, a very strong achey buzzing feeling and warmth up my arms and all
over my solar plexis area, saw orange, yellow, green and purple. I also
saw images, a wishing well, top of budda head, star of david in yellow
or it could of been celtic design, not to sure, white angels in clouds,
one angel came in front of me and cleansed me, saw her as black shadow
moving across me then a book being flicked thru backward as if pages
were being wiped clean to the beginning. Hands died down after about
half an hour and started to feel cool but very relaxed, oh and had a
lot of stomach gurgling all the way thru. I had a drink and ate then
had little sleep, when I woke I felt very content.
Thank you"
L.S. - Merseyside, UK


(Self Love & Forgiveness Healing Attunement)
"Hi Carly I received the Attunement a couple days ago. I could fell all the energy in my heart spiraling around and moving thru. It felt like pressure more than anything. After wards I definitely had a higher awareness of my Heart space, after a while I Felt some negative emotions come up and hit the surface it stood there for a lill bit, but afterwards. I noticed this intense clearness and peace of my heart I've never felt before. And I fell I can channel the same energy as I can the Reiki energy. It's like thru simple intention, I can choose between the Dif energies I would want to heal with. I can fell that their slightly Different. Again. Thank You, Sooooo much. I means Alot, Carly. Namaste :)"
A.F. - Texas, USA


(Self Love & Forgiveness Healing Attunement)
"Hi Caryl
Many thanks for the attunement. It felt like a concentrated dose of Reiki coming through my crown chakra.....and felt very peaceful afterwards.
I look forward to using it on myself and also helping my daughter. I spoke to her about it and she is open to it.
Gratitude for all you.


M.J. - Aberdeen, UK


"Hi Caryl,
Just did the attunement and feel really good/happy (its a great feeling) thanks During the attunement i got a few tingles in the right side of face (which is a big deal for me as my right facial nerve was cut during surgery), its hard to explain but a the start i felt like i pressure on the middle of my chest, but then it just slowly eased/lifted away, and i did get cold but that happens with most healing treatments i receive.
Thank-you again, i havent felt this happy in ages.
R.B. - Queensland, Australia


"Dear Caryl,
Thank you, thank you, thank you. The Colours of Angels Attunement was awesome.... beyond was Pure Joy.
I'll 'try' and share my experiences with you but, rest assured, it was far beyond anything I can say in words :)...Also words/talking is not my strong point so........
From the beginning I felt the Archangels around me. I had wonderful feelings of peace, love and warmth. The connections were given individually...each time I saw the relevant colour and was also given the chakra it related to. I felt the ending of each connection with a big sigh/shudder that indicated the end of one and the start of another...until the end.
I was sitting on my sofa at home, but I was flying through space, with ease. I so wished I could stay there !!!!!!
This, Dear Caryl, is up there with the best of the Attunements I have ever had. I thank you for your continued support, wisdom and love.
Hugs from me"
T.T. - Essex, UK


"Thank you so much, Caryl, for this attunement, I really cherish the attunements I have received from you, as well as the jewellery, they are all so special.
With much Love and Joy,"
G.B. - Cheshire, UK