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Yellow Gemstones


Related chakra:  Solar Plexus chakra - 3rd chakra

Keynote:  Mental activity, intellectual power and ability, awakening.

Digestive system, gastro-intestinal tract, adrenal activity, left hemisphere brain activity.

Yellow is stimulating to our mental faculties, bringing mental clarity.  Excellent for depression, as its sunny qualities include joy, optimism and confidence, awakening an enthusiasm for life.  Effective in the treatment of digestive problems.  Beneficial to the stomach, intestines and the bladder, as well as the entire eliminative system.  Helps to balance the gastrointestinal tract.  Golden-yellow shades are healthful to both body and mind.  It can facilitate ones learning capabilities.

Yellow Gemstones include:  Amber, Yellow Apatite, Aragonite, Citrine, Yellow Jade, Yellow Jasper, Yellow Sapphire, Tiger Eye, Yellow Topaz, Yellow Tourmaline.


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