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Lepidolite for Bipolar Disorder

Subject: lepidolite

Message: I bought a small piece of lepidolite upon the insistance of a friend who is extremely knowledgable...she does this for a living. It is because my husband is bipolar, manic depressive and has swings. He has "killed" every single rose quartz I have, rendering them all white cloudy or even white clear.

I bought this lepidolite yesterday. Today, I put it in my bra (I know, crazy, but I always put new stones as close as possible) and whenever my husband started talking to me, this stone caused immense pain to the point that I had to remove it and put it in my pocket. Any clue why? We weren't fighting or even arguing. No one, and nothing on the internet, could explain this phenomenon.

Thank you. W.


Hi W,

Thank you for your email.

First of all, it is never crazy to put stones in your bra. It is one of the best places for them! :)

Your friend was right in suggesting the lepidolite, but it is a stone that your husband needs not you. This is probably why it had the effect that it had on you. If your husband isn't one to wear or carry stones, I suggest you place some lepidolite and some moonstone around the house, in rooms that he spends a bit of time in.